Welcome to Jilian Peeples Photography!

     I hope you are enjoying the view! I am a full service photographer specializing in display photography for your home including canvas, acrylic, custom framed prints and gift sized prints, I am available for sessions in your home, on location or in my Virginia Beach studio location.

     I have been working with newborns and babies professionally since 2012 and have spent almost two hundred hours in workshops related to working with newborns. I am also vaccinated against whopping cough/Pertussis. (Please do not allow anyone to work with your newborn that has not had this vaccine.)

     Babies are my passion. I believe infants should be photographed in the first week of life, again at 6-8 months when they can sit unassisted, 12 months of age and once each subsequent year. Having a baby is the greatest adventure life has to offer. I would love to help you document it well. 

        If you are into photography and beautiful baby pictures,  I would love to invite you to like my Facebook page. I  frequently share updates, funnies and most of whatever else I am up to with my photography as well as advertisements for affordably priced photo events throughout the year.  For a glance at my most recent work check out my blog found on the Vision tab above.  

    If you are interested in booking a pre-session consultation just  the contact link below! 

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