Newborn Session Tips

*These techniques are not required preparation.*

     A typical newborn session can last between two and four hours. I will make as many images as I can during your allotted time.  A newborn session can include sibling, family, grandparent and newborn portraits. The following tips will help to maximize your session time, image count, and help your newborn tolerate the long session.  These tips are merely suggestions based on previous sessions.  



     Newborns are acclimated to much higher temperatures than adults. The womb is a very warm and comfortable space. It takes several weeks for a newborn to regulate and retain temperatures on thier own. Turning your air conditioner off in the summer months or increasing the thermostat in the winter a few degrees one hour before your session is a great start to beautiful heirloom images. A warm space allows me to get started quickly. A warm and comfortable newborn will have beautiful pink peachy skin tones, while a cool baby will be generally unsettled and blotchy. 


Cluster or Stack Feeding

     The average newborn will nurse about every 2-3 hours. Some babies will go longer, some less.  Our goal for the session is either an alert and contented baby or sleepy, sweet, curly, delightfully dreaming baby. Cluster feedings, or sometimes called stack feedings, are several feedings grouped closer than normal. For example, If your baby normally nurses at 5am, 8am and 11, a one day cluster would be to feed at 5am, 7am, 8am and a quick top off at 9. Some moms like to cluster before a big shopping trip or special outing as well as for newborn photos. Few babies are able to resist deep sleep after cluster feedings.  Cluster feeding is a strategy to help settle your baby, but is certainly not required. 

Your session is coming up soon! I'm sure its going to be amazing!