Schooled!! By a 4 year old....

Over the last two months I have been in quite a creative slump. The summer ended with high emotion and very low motivation. But just as fall has arrived, so has my desire to start something new and rekindle those neurons that barely survived the long summer sun. Even as a little girl I've always loved this time of year. New pencils and clothes, new teachers, new beginnings. The only problem is that I've grown up and I have to make my own adventures. Not so easy. 

I started back on the wagon earlier this week when I just picked up my camera and decided to shoot. Anything. Whatever. I took a picture of a sandwich. Not so exciting. A bunch of boring pictures and a few days later I planned a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art. I brought my supervisor Oliver and had a fabulous time. He showed great interest in a blank photo book disguised to look like a camera. We had chatted about what artist's do, art mediums and the definition of art. I bought the book and we decided he would fill it with *art* pictures. An exhibit entitled "The seven cities" by a local photographer sent us to the Nightmare Mansion at the oceanfront. A photo in the exhibit stopped my little supervisor in his tracks and had him chatting away. So off we went album in hand. 

We have a system, the supervisor and I. I hold the bottom of the camera to support its weight. He tells me "BIGGER" or "SMALLER" and I turn the zoom wheel until he is satisfied. He composes his images with his tiny eye stuffed into the eye piece and little finger on the shutter button. I have no idea what he's thinking. When's he's ready he fires! And not a moment before! It sometimes takes a while for him to get just what he wants. We cross the street, up down, backwards, wherever he directs. He seems to always know just what he wants. He demands to see his images right away. And I am almost ALWAYS left dumbfounded. Completely flabbergasted  that a four year old boy that can't even tie his shoes is a compositional GENIUS! Perhaps that's why he the boss and I am just a lowly associate employee. 

Anyway, here are the first four pages of his new *art* book. He wasn't happy about the little pictures I snapped of him before he left but oh well! I hope you enjoy them. I certainly do.  




Posted on October 30, 2013 .