my beautiful assistant..

He's my best buddy. Never too busy. Always full of love. My baby. :)  

virginia beach newborn photographer.jpg

Oliver came to say hello in my office. The window was directly behind me. You can see the shape of the window in the catchlight of his eye. I leaned to the left so that my body would not block the light. If you look really close you can see also see my reflection in his eye.  I quickly switched my focus mode to AI servo because he is such a wiggler! I popped off four shots, this was the best. I was also shooting in Aperture priority and toggling focus points directly over the right eye which was closest to the camera. This image was brightened in photoshop using three separate curve layers, 2 selective color layers, and very subtle vignette.  Want to know more? Ask me a question in the comments section below. 

Posted on May 12, 2013 .