Coconut Cake with a side of Mud light

So yesterday we had a big bright almost 3D delicious giant piece of chocolate cake. Mmmm... Mmmmm... Mmmmm....!  Well today instead of getting right to work first thing in the morning with delicious fresh from the sun glistening window light, I had to shoot later in the afternoon.... With old, stale, half rotten, left out on the counter half the day *mud* light.   Not desirable... But whatever.

We must push on! The great *they* say that amateurs wait to be inspired, but pros get up and go to work! Or something like that.  I could have easily gone to another window but wrestling practice was fast approaching and the Floor Supervisor (Nico) and Branch Manager (Spencer) were hovering. I used a small white V-flat on the side, which is just a white foam board bent into a V and another white board behind. I just didn't have enough light to push the background to white. I found the shadowed background really complimented the wine. 

The cake, was AWESOME! Way better than the chocolate. The texture of the coconut was what really seduced me at the bakery window. The whole "pro's push on" mind set lasted a whopping 12 minutes. I just HAD to take a bite. Ten seconds later the cake was half gone. It was so light and soft. The filling had a smooth pudding feel with just a hint of lemon. Fabulous!

Branch Manager was directly over my shoulder at this point. I popped off three more shots and surrendered my subject. If you can imagine a cartoon buzz saw sound while visualizing three little piranhas surrounding my plate with crumbs flying in the air, than you know what happened next.  

Both cakes are from the Jewish Mother, Virginia Beach. The food is just as good as the desserts. The walls are covered with local Art available for purchase and every weekend they have fantastic bands. It's a great place to sneak out on a Saturday night. 

Do enjoy.



Posted on June 13, 2013 .