Wanted... live in Chef.

Today I decided to try and craft something up myself. While it was delicious and fun. It wasn't quite the pro level piece I had hoped for. I can cook. I like to cook, but I am by no means a restauranteur! I thought I could fake it a little today with something simple but I was quickly knocked down a few notches from the pedestal of pride.

The puff pastry puffed a little more than expected. I made an enormous mess! I found myself constantly dividing my attention away from lighting, composition, angles and exposure and instead spent a ridiculous amount of time constantly cleaning my hands while trying to keep my equipment safe from sticky cherry and nectarine juice. All the while I was getting yelled at by the in house staff. "Can we eat it yet! Is it ready! Maaahhhhmmmm.. Hurry Up!"

I didn't find the excursion to be as enjoyable and rewarding as my previous sessions with food that was already prepared. So next time I get grand ideas, I will head in a different direction than my kitchen. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the images as much as the boys enjoyed messing them up into funny faces.

I will be headed out of town for more than and week but will try to return with some interesting non-food images from the farm. Where I'm going there are only two types of chefs. The first group wear a label inscribed Captain D's, and the other have spent years perfecting what I call Temporary Lo mein. Meaning it will only be in your belly temporarily. Mmmm. The joys of rural America. 


Posted on June 15, 2013 .