Living room turned studio...

I recently moved. Into a very...... pause.... tiny space. We shed three playrooms, a pool, playground, countless bushes, grass for miles, a million tiles that needed endless mopping and my choice of three different shooting spaces throughout my nearly 4000 square foot home. It's been two months since the move and it's truly been a liberating experience.  I love my tiny house. I love my 7 minute vacuum routine. It's wonderful. 

Having all of that out the way, I really..really... NEED a studio. I didn't realize how often I was shooting and practicing at home. I also didn't realize how much amazing equipment I had collected over the last two years. I've come to prefer artificial light and its incredible contrast quality. I've become a traveling photography circus and its beginning to cramp my style. So now I dream of a small space above another business. A white loft with a big beautiful window. I am constantly on the hunt. But today I'd had enough! 

 I woke up feeling antsy and turned the tiny house completely upside down. I put the dining room in the bedroom and shoved everything else to the walls. I dug out all my goodies, cranked up the music and went paparazzi crazy! I think the boys had a good time. I even brought Bryan into the fun. I learn so much from just playing around. Maybe I don't need a studio after all! 

Update: It's been three months in the tiny house. I still love it and my photography has grown leaps and bounds! I've gotten control of my traveling circus and learned to be meticulously organized. Turns out all I really needed was a challenge!

Posted on August 8, 2014 .