Cake is so wonderful...

I absolutely love cake. Sometimes it is just too pretty to eat. This fabulous rolled yellow sponge cake was made in a local Virginia Beach hang out, Rigoletto's Italian Bakery and Cafe. As I strolled the window shelves this whip cream covered beauty stopped me in my tracks. It's bright red cherry was so full of personality. It sparkled at me like large wet puppy eyes. I was struck with it's interesting shape.  I had to take this one home. Rigoletto's was recently featured on FoodNetwork's  Diners Drive-ins and Dives. After spending the afternoon with this delight I can certainly understand why.  

I managed to get about two bites before my in house staff, Oliver, Bryan and Nico needed samples. I would not let anybody touch the cherry. The stem was just too unique and perfect. The pudding inside was the best part. 

Posted on January 29, 2014 .